Runners Stretches

The Best Stretching And Warm Up Tips For Runners

One of the best exercises in the world is running. There are people that do it for fun, as well as individuals that are training for some type of event. Whether you do marathons, triathlons, or if you just enjoy running with a local group, you always need to stretch. Stretching and warming up prior to any run is absolutely essential. Without doing so, you could inadvertently cause damage to your body. You could pull muscles, inflict unnecessary pain on tendons and even cause premature joint problems to manifest. Therefore, if you are doing running in any capacity, here are some of the best stretching and warm up tips that you can use if you are a runner.

Best Stretches For Runners

There are so many different stretches that you can do if you are going to run. What you must understand is that each different stretch is going to affect one or more muscles. This could be your gluteal muscles, groin, hamstrings, quads, and many others. In each case, you are going to limber them up so that they are not damage while running because you have not properly stretched. That’s why warming up is also something that is very important to do. This can be done prior to, or after, your stretches. Your stretches should begin with a staggered stance. Most begin with reaching up as high as they can, and then stretching laterally. You can then do twists that will affect your upper and lower back muscles. You will then switch legs and do it again. Some other stretches include the knee hug, child’s pose, and also the seated hamstring.

How To Warm Up Prior To Run

Some people prefer to do the warm up prior to stretching. They find that it is easier to get a proper stretch. Others will do the warm up once they have limbered up their muscles. Either way will work as long as you are doing everything slowly. It warm up typically begins with running in place. You can also do jumping jacks, push-ups, sit ups, or you can do leg kicks from side to side. These are great ways to get the blood flowing in your body, and also begin the preliminary stretching that is needed before your run. This may also include opposite toe touches, lunges, and many other forms of mild exercise. The key is to wake your body up, because your blood to flow throughout your body more consistently, leading to the run that you are about to do.

Preparation is the key to doing anything properly. The same is true for going on a run. By doing the stretches and warm up exercises, you can help avoid injuries that may occur. These must be done in a much longer duration if you are running more than 5 miles at a time. Other than that, you can pick and choose between the many warm up exercises and stretches that have been presented that can help you avoid potential injuries.